Jati Churi Dry Fish-1000gm

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Product details of jati churi dry fish

jati churi dry fish 100% Pure:
Chemical free  dried jati churi dry fish
Salt Free  dried jati churi dry fish
Sand Free  jati churi dry fishi

Each 100gm of dried fish:
242.9gm Calories
2.0gm Fat
0.4gm Saturated fat
0.7gm Polyunsaturated fat
0.3gm Monounsaturated fat
127.0 mg Cholesterol
0.0gm Carbohydrates
564.3mg Potassium
180.6mg Sodium
0.0gm Dietary fiber
0.0gm Sugar
52.8gm Protein

Why Mayabi's  jati churi dry fish?
Compound and DDT free jati churi dry fish is brought to you by Mayabi, straightforwardly from Najirar Tek Shutki Polli, Cox's Bazar. You can appreciate new jati churi dry fish with the most elevated immaculateness and incomparable taste of the superior quality dry fish from mayabi.com.bd

Unadulterated Dry Fish:
Dry Fish is really the fish that is extremely unadulterated and protected to consume and is liberated from synthetic substances, insect sprays, or some other hurtful components. Mayabi's dried Fishes are guaranteeing the best quality.

For what reason is the exceptional Dry Fish best for you?
Natural Dry Fishes are new and solid, Fishes are appropriately cleaned prior to drying, Highly improved with protein (60% - 65%), Low fat - extraordinary for wellbeing (5% to 8%), High amount of sound minerals, No sharpness after utilization, ok for all, Free from additives and bug sprays, Higher in cost, yet best dry fish on the lookout.

As Bangladesh is a nation of waterways, dried fish is an extremely well known food in Bangladesh. Fish is dried for longer conservation and as dried fish contains more protein, nutrients, as well as minerals than new fish which are needed for great wellbeing - eating new dried fish, is enthusiastically suggested by wellbeing consultants. Dried fish contains fewer measures of calories, immersed fat and cholesterol. Along these lines, consuming dried fish is great for the heart and various issues connected with hypertension.

our Directly collected from Cox’s Bazar, Organically produced with perfection, No chemicals were used to dry the fish, Free of DDT and insecticides, Sand free, 100% Safe and fresh

Order on best jati churi dry fish online is very easy at Mayabi

আগে পন্য হাতে পাবেন, তারপর মূল্য পরিশোধ করবেন।

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Where get jati churi dry fish online in Bangladesh?
jati churi dry fish online in Bangladesh is available at Mayabi.

What is the price of the jati churi dry fish online in Bangladesh?
The latest price of jati churi dry fish online in Bangladesh is 500gm @ 900৳. You can buy jati churi dry fish online at the best price from our website Mayabi.

We are delivering the dried goods made under our supervision directly to Nazirarte in Cox's Bazar. Since we collect dried fruits directly from Nazirartek dry goods village without collecting them from the storekeeper, we do not need to give any kind of poison or chemical to our dry goods.

Although dryness is good for our body, not all types of dryness may be healthy, but DDT (dichloro diphenyl tri-chloroethane) is often added to keep dryness good. Eating dry powder mixed with this DDT powder and chemical spray can cause various diseases including liver cancer, kidney damage, scabies. So before buying dry goods one should know its source and method of preservation.

Qualities of jati churi dry fish:
1. Marine jati churi dry fish is rich in iodine and protein. You can stay free from many diseases and stay healthy by eating dried fish from the sea. It is better to eat dry food on the food list every day. Mr. / Mrs. Doctors advise it is better to eat small fish with iodine and protein. Many diseases can be free. All salty dried fish, big and small, in the salt water of the sea are disease-free and healthy.

2. jati churi dry fish contains essential iodine, 80% protein, 10% -15% water, about 5% salt, and various food-producing sea fish.

jati churi dry fish Cooking Rules:
1. Clean the jati churi dry fish to your liking. Soak the fish pieces in cold (normal water) for 10/15 minutes. Rinse 2/3 times with cold water. Then rinse 1/2 times with hot water. Then cook the pieces of cleaned jati churi dry fishi with your favorite spice (the spice that the fish needs). Enjoy the fun cooked food you eat and let others understand the taste of nectar.

2. Small species of dried fish are best. Small species of dried fish mashed/roasted /jhole / vegetable is good in all respects. If you can fill it, food is made to be remembered. You will get the taste of nectar in the filling.

3. Filling rules: First clean the dried fish, then wash it with normal water 2/3 times. Fry the cleaned jati churi dry fish in a frying pan. Take the fried fish half-grinded by hand or in a pan (remove the thorns). Crush raw onion with coriander leaves and fill with mustard oil.

Rules for keepingjati jati churi dry fish:
Take out the jati churi dry fish from the packet and put a little sun. Clean the dried fish and put it in a polythene/tin/plastic box as per your taste. Place dried fish in polythene or box in a deep freezer.

Our country is unique for its delicious dried fishIn our country, local small and big dry fish farms have been formed in large rivers, canals, beels and haors with a large number of small and big fish. Dry fish of various species can be found in these dried fish farms. Besides, there is the famous dry fish of the Bay of Bengal. Such as-  Kacki dry fish, coral dried fish, Samudric baien dry fish, Mola dry fish, Kalo Chada dry fish, Sundori dry fish, Baspata dry fish, Foilla dry fish, Churi (Majhe kata) dry fish, Jati Churi dry fish, Dried Fish, Surma Dried Fish, Coto chingri dry fish, Majhari chingri balichara dry fish, Coral Dried Fish, Loitta shutki (Premium-Burmese Pot Farah), Loita dry fish (General), Nona Hilsa, Mola-Head Cut dried fish, Red chingri dry fish, samudric chappa dry fish, chada-sever dry fish, samudric chapila dry fish, surma dry fish, tangra dried fish, putti fish dried fish, shrimp dried fish, dried fish Dried fish, dried fish of Boicha fish, dried fish of Fatra fish, dried fish of Hilsa fish, dried fish of various kinds including Rupchanda.

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